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You're never done learning

Employees who continue to expand their knowledge and skill set are not only up-to-date in their fields but can also readily meet new professional challenges.

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The ongoing development and upgrading of employee qualifications is extremely important to us. We go to great lengths to make sure our employees are able to develop their skills in a goal-oriented and self-dependent manner: through external training opportunities, seminars and training workshops with our main partners, workshops and our internal training program, "Energy". These measures support the personal and professional development of our employees and help them achieve their professional goals year after year. They also assure the quality of our products and services for the long term.

In addition to language courses, our employees are equipped for their roles via specialist training sessions, such as the basics of contract law and financial accounting, as well as through methodology training, e.g. project management and presentation skills. For our employees in the field of consulting, we have put together a specially tailored training program. There is also the opportunity to work toward important additional qualifications (e.g. as project manager or sales representative). Thanks to these transparent development opportunities, it's easier for employees to plan their careers at Sycor.
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