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Individual career paths

From junior consultant to manager – grow your career at Sycor.

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Transparent development opportunities and career paths play a key role when it comes to retaining and motivating our employees. That's why we employ a career model for specialists and managers that allows our employees to progress through several qualification levels, starting out as a Junior Consultant or Administrative Assistant, moving on to become a Consultant/Specialist and Senior Consultant/Expert and finally taking on the role of Manager or Department Manager. The criteria for reaching each level have been clearly defined for all employees, geared toward the area of specialization. These help to plan and track individual development. The development of methodological and social skills is just as important as the development of specialist expertise. In this regard too, our employees feel highly motivated to share their expertise – and we support them in a sustained and systematic manner along their career path.

We have specialist career paths that focus on the areas of business administration, IT consulting and IT development as well as our operational center (Technical Consultant), where our customer solutions are operated and network structures are maintained.

The specialist career paths are supplemented with other strategically important qualifications that play a key role in our business processes, such as Project Manager, Instructor and Trainer as well as Sales Representative.
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