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Values and guidelines

Sycor Werte & Leitlinien / Sycor Values and guidelines
Our shared values and guidelines provide a framework for the actions of our employees. Our values provide guidance and define what is most important for us in our day-to-day work. They connect us to each other – and to our customers and partners.

Our Values



The people we deal with are important to us.

We listen. We respect them. We make sure they are satisfied.

Sycor Fortbildung


Expertise is the foundation of everything we do.

We learn. We develop. We implement.

Entwicklung / Development


Quality is the measure of our services.

We impress. We act responsibly. We never stop improving ourselves.



Sincerity determines the way we interact with others.

We are respectful. We are honest. We are reliable.



Fun is the driving force behind our work.

We generate creative ideas. We motivate and are motivated. We identify with our work.

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