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Sycor Goes to School

Cooperation with local schools

Kooperationen mit regionalen Schulen / Cooperation with local schools
Our mission is to get children and youths excited about IT and informatics at an early age. After all, they are the up-and-coming talent of tomorrow, making our company stronger over the long term. This is why we have a strong commitment to schools in the region, supporting the Hainberg-Gymnasium Göttingen and Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Gesamtschule Göttingen (IGS).

Hainberg-Gymnasium Göttingen

Within the scope of cooperation with the Hainberg-Gymnasium, we sponsor student internships, design and produce the tickets for the graduation ball and present the annual Sycor award for "outstanding" graduates of every graduating class. In 2012, we donated ten "Lego-Mindstorm" robots with software valued at EUR 3,700 to the Hainberg-Gymnasium for its informatics course. In addition to imparting an understanding of technology, they promote teamwork and the development of problem-solving strategies among the students. A brief video  recorded by our trainees documents how the robots work exactly and what the students do with them. Students at the Hainberg-Gymnasium gain direct insights into the world of business in the course of the "Management Information Game" hosted at our facilities every year. In this one-week management game, students assume the role of company executives – with the goal of leading their company through the next five financial years to the best of their ability. As temporary managers, they have to develop a new product, determine costs and calculate prices. Stock exchange prices, product development, quality management and payment terms are on the agenda instead of lessons.

Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Gesamtschule Göttingen

For the IGS, we offer student internships for 9th and 12th grade students in various departments of our company. We are also a founding member of the "Nachhaltige Schülergenossenschaft" (Sustainable Student Association) at IGS, allowing students to accumulate initial experience in business as event managers. Working together in a sustainable student association provides students with insights into concrete economic, ecological and social interrelationships. IGS students within the scope of their student association organize class trips, excursions, concerts and other events.
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