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What Sycorians say about Sycor

Sycorianer über Sycor /Sycorianer about Sycor
We asked our employees all around the world what they like best about Sycor. Great development opportunities, flexible working hours, space for their own ideas – everybody appreciates something different. But employees all agreed on one thing: they enjoy giving IT a face with us!


Klaus M. Wilmes-Groebel, President and CEO, SYCOR AMERICAS Inc., Pittsburgh "I like discussing ideas with my colleagues, because they don't hide their knowledge. I don't know of any other IT company that is able to deliver such high-quality services so flexibly on a global scale by using a comfortable, 'familiar' structure. I also like working for Sycor because long-term development opportunities, not just for me personally, have become a reality."

Klaus M. Wilmes-Groebel, Senior Manager, Strategic Sales, Sycor Group, Wiesbaden


Helge Roth, Vertriebsleiter Microsoft Dynamics AX, SYCOR GmbH, Göttingen

 "I've now been at Sycor for over 11 years and I still enjoy coming to work every morning! During my time here I've been an ERP consultant, project manager and department manager. Today I travel worldwide in a sales-related role involving our ERP solution Sycor.Rental. The varied nature of the work and always having new challenges are what I especially enjoy about Sycor."

Helge Roth, COO / Vice President Sales, SYCOR AMERICAS Inc., Pittsburgh


Daniel Piekorz"Sycor offers me the opportunities for development and freedom I need. You're not left on your own – superiors and colleagues are always ready to listen."

Daniel Piekorz, Senior Consultant, SYCOR GmbH, Göttingen

Blessie Cheng

"I like Sycor's dynamic corporate culture. The flexibility to work cross-functional projects motivates me to learn new things, face new challenges and is keeping the job interesting. Good teamwork amongst the organization and freedom of expressing ideas. Sycor supports employees' interests and recognizes the effort and contribution made to the company."

Blessie Cheng, Senior Consultant, SYCOR GmbH, Göttingen



Astrid Waldt

"I really enjoy working for Sycor! The flexible working hours make it possible for me to balance work and family. The good teamwork and the opportunity to shape processes motivate me every day."

Astrid Waldt, Head of Legal Department – General Counsel, SYCOR GmbH, Göttingen




Because regular, honest feedback from our employees is important to us, we are happy that many of our colleagues use the employer review site kununu. Praise is just as important as constructive criticism – we can use it to evaluate ourselves and grow. We invite you to read our employees' reviews of Sycor yourself and see what comments they post.

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