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Printed on date: 8/24/17

A focus on people

A focus on our employees is at the center of our approach to human resources. Our goal: motivated and satisfied employees.


A focus on people

Just like our customer focus, our focus on employees is firmly embedded in our corporate values.

We strive to live these values on a daily basis, to truly focus on our employees. To that end we have created clear-cut standards – and also work continually to find individual solutions.

With our "Energy" training program we offer our employees a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional development. We foster flexibility, helping our employees maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives. We actively involve our employees in the strategic process, keeping an open ear for ideas, criticism and suggestions for improvement. Due to our flat hierarchies, our employees have the opportunity to participate constructively in the company's continued development.

We determine the strengths and weaknesses of our company and analyze our potential for improvement by conducting regular employee surveys. The open, personal communication we maintain is a key motivating factor for our employees. We also provide information platforms that are accessible to all employees. At the monthly Open Bar, the Executive Board discusses the latest developments at Sycor and presents the previous month's performance indicators. At regular intervals, both of our managing directors invite employees to a Coffee Session to promote the exchange of ideas. Our intranet site also helps ensure the flow of information in the company.
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