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No standing still

Our individual training programs give employees the opportunity to broaden their skills and continually acquire new knowledge.

Sycor Personalentwicklung
Lifelong learning – we bring this aspiration to life. Our commitment as an employer is evident in the value we place on our employees' further training. In doing so, we ensure the continued high quality of our products and services in the future and help our employees develop their potential. We actively support the professional and personal development of our employees through our internal "Energy" training program, external training programs, regular feedback sessions and standardized personnel development processes.

An individual development plan is created for each Sycorian, based on the requirements of their work area. We never lose sight of our employees' careers, whether it's with our special trainee program, a specialist and management career path spanning a range of development stages, or our program for young professionals.

As a further way of promoting individual employee development, managers and employees meet annually for interviews and performance reviews. We also ensure the ongoing professional development of our managers.
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