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Getting off to a good start

Welcome to Sycor! We are actively committed to helping new employees feel at home and part of the team from their first day. We help them get off to a flying start!

Sycor Personaleinarbeitung
 We aim to have satisfied and motivated employees who actively share their expertise and who identify with our corporate values. For new colleagues, this feeling of belonging doesn't happen on its own, but depends to a great extent on how the first weeks and months in a new working environment are perceived and experienced. We play an active role in shaping this period: Each new employee is personally welcomed by our Human Resources Department on their first day and receives a welcome folder to help them get started. The folder contains important information about the company's daily routine. After an introduction to the intranet and a tour of the building, during which they meet key contacts, new employees are personally introduced to their department by Human Resources.

Personal contacts devote time to new colleagues

During the first few weeks, designated mentors introduce our new employees to their future working area using personalized initial training plans. Mentors spend time with new colleagues, answering their questions and helping them establish contacts with other departments. Quarterly introductory seminars complement this initial orientation phase. These seminars focus on topics such as Vision, Values & Guidelines, project management, corporate identity and IT security. The Executive Board and department managers also introduce the company and their areas of responsibility. New employees have the opportunity to exchange ideas, make suggestions or clarify any unanswered questions at regular feedback sessions with their respective supervisors.

The key factor is that all colleagues involved in orientation take as much time as needed!

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