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Sycor grows by 100 employees in 2016

The Göttingen-based full-range IT service provider Sycor increased its number of employees by 100 to currently 650 thanks to organic growth in the past financial year. Its sales are EUR 71.7 million. In Göttingen, a new company building is being constructed in cooperation with GWG.

Pressefrühstück zum Geschäftsbericht 2016 und Bauvorhaben am Zentrum alter Güterbahnhof

"The 2016 financial year meant growth and change for us in a dynamic market environment," says Dr. Marko Weinrich, President and Chief Executive Officer of SYCOR GmbH, in review. "What I find most remarkable is that we grew by 100 employees in the course of the year. This organic growth trend began five years ago and has been sustained with this intensity for three years." The Sycor Group headed into the new year with 550 employees. This number increased to 650 worldwide as of December 31, 2016. Sycor President and CEO Weinrich is convinced that this strong growth of 18 percent is due to the high profile that has been achieved for the employer brand and to publicity in the IT market. Aside from growth in the number of employees, the financial figures are positive as well: Sales increased from EUR 66.7 million in the prior year to EUR 71.7 million.

Integration as the theme

"One of the defining aspects for the last few months was integrating the many new colleagues we gained. We welcomed them and included them in our processes," says Marko Weinrich, describing the central challenge associated with employee growth. "Since all employees in the company view integration as a shared task and get actively involved, we did this successfully for our other locations in Germany as well overall. For our recently opened sites in Offenburg, Greven, and Bielefeld, we are working on this with great motivation." The theme of integration is part of delivering on the value proposition of an employee-oriented company with a culture based on openness and collaboration.

New location in Göttingen

Employee growth is affecting the Sycor Group's headquarters at the Göttingen railway station in particular: Office space is reaching its limits. Weinrich is pleased to report that "With GWG Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung und Stadtentwicklung Göttingen mbH, we have found a partner to solve this problem. A modern office building will be constructed on the 'Alter Güterbahnhof' site. This not only alleviates the shortage of space in our headquarters at the railway station, but lets us merge our other Göttingen locations as well." A four-story office complex is planned, with net floor space of 2865 square meters defined by openness and flexible structures. "We will be able to adapt the room situation to our work with changing project teams of different sizes," explains Mario Myrenne, who negotiated the contracts with GWG as Chief Financial Officer of the Sycor Group. Sycor is planning to move in by the second quarter of 2018. "We are maintaining our headquarters at the railway station," Marko Weinrich emphasizes. "Together with the new construction project, this is a clear commitment to Göttingen."

Cautiously optimistic outlook

Sycor has systematically expanded the solution and service portfolio in the cloud and for the increasing digitalization of business processes over the last few months as well. The company has developed into a full-range provider for SAP and Microsoft. "Based on our position, we are cautiously optimistic. We have reinforced our teams, and our scope of services allows us to support customers along their entire value chain," says Sycor President and CEO Marko Weinrich, venturing to describe his outlook on the current year. "Several important projects for our customers are pending and the sales pipeline looks positive as well."

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About Sycor:

The Sycor Group is a full-range IT service provider with more than 650 employees around the world. With headquarters in Göttingen and further locations in Germany, Austria, America, and Asia, the company has an international presence. Sycor supports customers with custom IT services and solutions for all corporate divisions along the entire value chain, integrating individual solutions harmoniously into existing ones or setting up completely new infrastructure and application landscapes. Sycor implements and operates cloud, on-premise, or hybrid solutions according to customer requirements.

Its own solutions, vertical add-ons, and all services in the area of SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are just as much a part of the selection as quality-assured solutions and services for IT outsourcing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). This broad know-how also includes unified communications, software asset management, licence procurement optimization and software lifecycle management, security and networks, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data. Sycor also implements professional online solutions in the field of business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications with ERP or CRM integration.

SYCOR GmbH maintains a quality management system certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. ISO 27001 certification of the technology division confirms a robust information security management system. Furthermore, Sycor is a Gold-Level Channel Partner, Hosting Partner, and Partner Center of Expertise of SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG. As a Microsoft partner the company is a Cloud Solution Provider and Strategic Development Partner for the areas of leasing, trade, service, and maintenance of mobile goods and fleet management. Sycor's expert knowledge in the areas of professional services and manufacturing has made the company a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Partner Program (EMEA). Various gold and silver competencies represent the broad expertise in the Microsoft environment.

The Sycor Group generated sales of EUR 71.7 million with an average of 560 employees in 2016.

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Sycor grows by 100 employees in 2016

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Pressefrühstück zum Geschäftsbericht 2016 und Bauvorhaben am Zentrum alter Güterbahnhof

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