Frank Jakobi

PositionFrank Jakobi

Vice President of SYCOR GmbH


Microsoft Dynamics (international)  

Personal Details

Following his education as industrial manager and subsequent employment in sales at Otto Bock Kunststoff Holding GmbH, Frank Jakobi joined the newly founded SYCOR GmbH in March of 1998. He was initially engaged as a consultant and project manager for national and international SAP projects. Starting in 2002, he assumed responsibility for the Microsoft Dynamics AX specialist division and managed the operations of the subsidiary Lignum Software GmbH, which was later renamed to SYCOR Software GmbH and merged with SYCOR GmbH in the year 2010. Frank Jakobi has been Vice President of SYCOR GmbH since 2002. Today he is responsible for the international Microsoft Dynamics AX business area.


Heinrich-v.-Stephan-Str. 1-5

37073 Göttingen

Phone +49 551 490 0


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