Göttingen - 12/9/16

Sycor – a new member of the Dynamics CRM User Group

Sycor joined the Dynamics CRM User Group (CRMUG) in October 2016. Networking, the global exchange of knowledge with over 32,000 CRM users, and access to the very latest information are the key focus for members – and for Sycor, too.


We are expecting great added value from our CRMUG membership – especially for our customers as well. Expanding the network within the user community isn’t the only decisive factor in this regard. Thanks to our membership, we can achieve our aim of remaining continually up-to-date on topics relating to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, learning from the user group’s best practices and finding the best possible solutions for industry and customer-specific requirements.

Founded in 2007, the CRMUG has made it its goal to network Microsoft Dynamics CRM users, partners and developers with one another and to establish a global knowledge platform.  The content of the user group is generated specifically by users for users – and the webinars developed by members are just one of the many opportunities for an exchange of knowledge offered here. Blogs, forums and conferences held annually in the USA and Europe also give members the chance to discuss a wide range of CRM-related news, support one another with issues and work together to identify optimal solutions.

But members don’t just benefit from the exchange of knowledge: With more than 32,000 users and over 6,300 companies, the CRMUG stands for a collective, sizable representation of interests vis-à-vis Microsoft, which can influence future product developments.

Stephanie Rath

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