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Fleet Management Software

Full fleet control: Sycor.Fleet meets all requirements for modern, practical fleet management software.

Flottenmanagement Software / Fuhrpark Software

Sycor.Fleet: fleet management software to improve efficiency, reduce costs and simultaneously optimize service.

The best possible utilization of the fleet or train of machines, along with maintaining its functionality through maintenance and service, has a direct impact on the economic performance of your business. This makes professional fleet management essential to success. With steadily growing fleets and the numerous factors that must be observed in the fleet management process, investing in supporting software is expedient. Sycor.Fleet is a modern fleet management software that maps all requirements for a contemporary fleet management system.

Fleet management software – more than just cost reduction

More than 50 percent of fleet costs can be reduced using fleet management software – with different potential savings for the various cost types. The benefits of Sycor.Fleet as fleet management software go far beyond realizing cost benefits: you improve the quality of your delivery and service processes, increase availability and reduce downtime in your fleet. All of which improves customer satisfaction.

With Sycor.Fleet you ensure:

  • Optimum capacity utilization for your fleet
  • The optimized use of transportation resources
  • Improved deployment of your service staff
  • Perfect planning and timely execution of service and maintenance
  • Increasing availability of your fleet / your train of machines
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reliable information for scheduling

Sycor Fleet Azure Marketplace

Sycor.Fleet is available on the Microsoft Dynamics AppSource

Customers can easily explore, deploy and expand the industry solutions taking advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services.

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Sycor.Fleet - Fleet management functions

Sycor.Fleet offers you convincing fleet management functions: practical, role-based and therefore tailored to the tasks of the respective employee.

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