From Axapta 1.0 to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Sycor Historie / Sycor History

The past – Axapta  

The fully integrated ERP solution Axapta was originally developed by the Danish company Damgaard A/S. Axapta 1.0 as the first version was introduced in Denmark and the USA in 1998. Initially the solution encompassed functions for finance, inventory management, production, logistics and trade. Further development with the version Axapta 1.5, 2.0 and 2.1 followed before the company merged with Navision Software A/S in the year 2000. The new company Navision-Damgaard released Axapta version 2.5. Systematic expansion of the functionality and the supported technologies defined the development stages. Navision-Damgaard was taken over by Microsoft in 2002. Initially the solution was renamed to Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta and ultimately, in the course of rebranding the Microsoft ERP products, to Microsoft Dynamics AX. And so Axapta 3.0 was replaced by Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 in July of 2006. Microsoft not only expanded the ERP functions, but also gradually adapted the solution to the look & feel of the Microsoft Office products and drove the integration of ERP with the remaining solutions. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, the version with a role-based interface, functional extensions and new modules, has been available since the summer of 2008.

The present – Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012  

The current version of the fully integrated ERP solution was released in August 2011: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. The already intuitive, role-based user interface was enhanced with numerous business intelligence (BI) and reporting functions. Industry solutions that significantly expand the standard scope of functionality offered by the platform are available today. Both the integration with the Office products and links to other Microsoft solutions such as SharePoint (collaboration and enterprise portal) and Lync (communication) have been taken to a new level.




Axapta 1.0

March 1998

Damgaard A/S

Axapta 1.5

November 1998

Damgaard A/S

Axapta 2.0

July 1999

Damgaard A/S

Axapta 2.1

January 2000

Damgaard A/S

Axapta 2.5

December 2000


Axapta 3.0

October 2002


Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0

March 2006


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

June 2008


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

August 2011


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