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The Microsoft ecosystem in the field of Microsoft Dynamics is evolving quickly – the integration of the solutions irresistibly keeps progressing. Here we keep you updated on the latest trends and redent developments and share our point of view on the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem with you. Of course, topics like Power BI, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and many more can be found here, too.

ERP China

My 5 tips for ERP projects in China

In this blog article Marco Arndt, CEO of Sycor Asia, offers five tips for a successful ERP rollout/implementation in China based on his experience.

My 5 tips for ERP projects in China

Cloud scenarios on the rise

Frank Jakobi in the interview about the Lünendonk study "The Market for IT Consulting and IT Service in Germany". Frank Jakobi, Vice President at SYCOR GmbH, is responsible for the worldwide Microsoft Dynamics Business.

Cloud scenarios on the rise
Service-Geschäft? Nur noch mit integrierten Software-Lösungen!

Service business? Now only with integrated software solutions!

Services that complement products are increasingly considered an indispensable part of the offering for manufacturing companies. The share of sales contributed by services to the overall business is increasing. In this article, we explain why integrated software solutions have become essential in the service business for these and other reasons.

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Anlegen eines neuen Spiels aus Sicht eines Spielleiters

Gamification in the workplace – more than just a gimmick

Gamification in a business context means taking typical game elements and operations, and integrating them into workplace processes in order to change employee behavior and increase motivation levels.

Gamification in the workplace
roll out project - rollout projektmanagement - rollout services - Rollout hardware

How to roll out an ERP solution to Singapore

An ERP rollout to Singapore is not as demanding as to some other Asian countries. With an experienced partner and his sound advice, the respective project will be smooth to handle.

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BI Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The term data analytics stands for a great diversity of methods used to process data to answer crucial questions. This article provides an overview of the key methods based on their time perspective and possible applications. 


Field report on the eXtreme365 trade fair

The organizers responded quickly and appropriately to the altered basic conditions. With the launch of Dynamics365 by Microsoft and the convergence of the ERP and CRM products in the fall of 2016, it was clear that further development of the eXtremeCRM trade fair would also be essential.

Machine Learning

Whitepaper Machine Learning

Who hasn’t already heard about the incredible possibilities offered by artificial intelligence and machine learning? At Sycor we deal with this topic, too. In this whitepaper, our colleagues Jonas Harbering and Michael Zielinski give an introduction into machine Learning.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations now also as an on-premise version

In addition to a cloud-based and a hybrid version, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations is now also available for purely on-premise operation in a company's own data center – on the company premises or with a hosting service provider like Sycor.

Microsoft Flow

What is Microsoft Flow?

You want to create workflows between your favorite apps and services, connecting time-consuming tasks and processes across different applications? You are interested in custom workflow solutions for your entire company, certain national subsidiaries, departments, or specific functional roles? No problem with the cloud-based Microsoft Flow service!



Manufacturers should stop merely selling machines or systems. With a product-as-a-service business model, they can increase their market share, secure ongoing sources of revenue, and bind customers to themselves for years.

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