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Sycor SAP Online Store Publications

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Technical articles, expert forums and international events – the knowledge and experience of our experts is in demand.

We are happy to share our knowledge – with you, too!

Our technical knowledge and experience with SAP online stores, accumulated in projects around the world since 2002, is in demand in the trade press and expert forums. From the CRM Congress to SAPPHIRE, our specialists have given numerous technical presentations to international audiences – with regular enquiries for more.

We have also written a variety of technical articles for CRMExpert, an international publication. Since 2009, we have been a permanent part of the annual CRM Congress hosted by Wellesley Information Services, where we are represented with numerous technical presentations in North America and Europe.

Here you will find a selection of our technical publications.


Technical lecture

CRM 2013 Las Vegas

CRM 2013
Case study: How Honeywell ACS optimized
its online shop for a superior Web channel experience

sapphire Logo

MEI Inc.'s Successful Upgrade of SAP E-Commerce
5.0 B2B Shop Solution Based on SAP Web Channel.

Patrick Hey

CRM 2012 Orlando

CRM 2012
Eight keys for building a successful online store.

Patrick Hey

CRM 2011 Orlando

CRM 2011
Demystify SAP Web Channel - An innovative
introduction to creating a SAP web shop application.

Patrick Hey,
Andreas Pölitz,
Martin Walter

How to use web analytics to increase your customer
conversion rate in e-commerce.

Andreas Pölitz

CRM 2010

CRM 2010
Apply Web 2.0 features to your SAP E-Commerce solution to boost sales.

Andreas Pölitz

SAP CRM E-Commerce customization decisions
and options: What you should do now to get
more from your site.

Martin Walter


CRM 2009
Give your web shop customer-specific branding by using the SAP E-Commerce theme concept

Ludwig Hunecke

SAP E-Commerce customization options you need to know

Martin Walter

Use Adobe® Flex® 3 to spice up your web shop appearance

Ludwig Hunecke

Simultaneously create sales orders and purchase orders using SAP CRM and SAP Enterprise Buyer (SAP EB)

Martin Walter

Patrick Hey

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