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All-around security for your IT systems: Our combination of experience, a comprehensive portfolio of security products and customized services makes us your partner for security solutions tailored to your needs.

IT Security
The networking for voice and data communication continues to grow within companies depending on the business model, organization and processes. National and international locations need to be integrated into the network as well as colleagues working remotely. The ever-increasing global interconnectedness of the IT and telecommunications infrastructure – and the growing use of cloud services – bring risks along with them: the integrity and confidentiality of a company's data, and therefore often that of its customers as well, are continually at risk of external attacks. The threat is real both for saved data as well as data that is being transferred.

In order to strike a balance between necessary security and smooth and productive operation, security solutions need to reflect the individual needs of a company. In addition, active security management (planning, maintenance and documentation, processes, proactive monitoring and analysis of log files, application of security updates) must be carried out as well.

Founded on experience: balanced security solutions by Sycor

We have the experience that's necessary to provide a balanced security solution that guarantees the efficient and effective security of your network. With our help, you can ensure that your data can only be read and modified by authorized users. We guarantee that only you decide who can access what data when. Based on a systematic analysis and discussion regarding your security needs, we develop a modular design for you which can be expanded further at any time using practical components. It goes without saying that our experts also implement the solution for you.

We assemble a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions for you according to your needs: in addition to classic firewall applications, we rely on next-generation firewalls, context-aware firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, content filters and other security tools. On behalf of our customers, we implement VPN solutions to network sites or communicate with business partners, authentication servers (RADIUS, TACACS+, EAP) or solutions for guest network authentication. We also provide security for your WLAN systems. With Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway solutions that can be installed at internet access points either centrally or remotely, we protect you when you use the internet and ensure that you can make internal applications like Outlook Web App (OWA), Sharepoint, SAP shop systems etc. securely available on the internet.

We professionally operate your security solution

Our network specialists not only implement a coherent overall concept for you – they also provide operation services including round-the-clock support. For you, Managed Security by Sycor means ongoing monitoring and analysis of the firewall logs, 24/7 operation with guaranteed SLAs and a helpdesk staffed from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Security by Sycor – our services for you:

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Development and implementation of a coherent overall concept
  • We ensure efficient and effective network security
  • We deliver solutions that can be expanded using modules at any time
  • Implementation of proven and reliable security products
  • Optional: professional operation with management and monitoring of the solution

Sycor's comprehensive portfolio of security products:

  • Next-generation firewall/context-aware firewall
  • Firewall from 10 users to 20 Gbps
  • Web proxy/ProxySG content filter/cloud service
  • Secure ACS/ISE, authentication (RADIUS, TACACS+, EAP)
  • Cisco IPS sensors
  • Cisco products in action for you: Cisco ASA-X series, Cisco IPS sensors, Cisco ISRG2 and ASR routers, Cisco Secure ACS and the Cisco Identity Security Engine
  • Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway

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