Göttingen - 7/1/16

Computer science education done differently

Sycor has cooperated with the Hainberg-Gymnasium in Göttingen since 2011. Since we all know that practice is more exciting than sterile theory, Sycor enriched computer science teaching with a donation of ten robot assembly kits.


Under the slogan "learning by doing" the students could let their creativity run free both in programming and in assembling the EV3 robots. Elaborate plans were drawn up and solution approaches were developed in group work. One idea was implemented directly: building a robot on the model of a Ford Mustang. The students equipped the car with two sensors. The front sensor detects distances and thus stops it automatically in the presence of obstacles. The back sensor controls the speed.

Using the assembly kits donated by the IT service provider Sycor the students could acquire the basics of robot programming themselves and deepen their technical understanding in a practical way. At the same time working in teams and finding solution strategies was encouraged. Both IT and school are really fun when done this way!

All the talented young people whose appetites were whetted by the project can find information about various internship and training options on the Sycor job portal.

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