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SAP NetWeaver Business Client (SAP NWBC)

Increased user-friendliness and improved user experience with SAP NetWeaver Business Client – for occasional users and power users. We provide you with implementation support.

SAP NetWeaver Business Client (SAP NWBC)

SAP NWBC – the central access point for all SAP applications

SAP NetWeaver Business Client (SAP NWBC) is a user interface client that provides SAP users with a central access point for all SAP applications. SAP NWBC puts an end to the need to access several separate systems and differently designed user interfaces. As a user interface with a wide range of functions, which is efficient, intuitive, has a flexible structure and an attractive design, SAP NetWeaver Business Client ensures optimal performance throughout and greatly improved user-friendliness.

The SAP NWBC integration platform allows role-based access to all existing transactions in the SAP GUI, as well as newly developed applications based on SAP Web Dynpro. Additional possibilities include the integration of browser-based SAP applications, and the option to access applications and information outside of SAP systems. In this respect, SAP NWBC is a combination of transaction and analysis environments.

Lowering the barriers to entry – improving system utilization

The use of SAP NetWeaver Business Client (SAP NWBC) for simplified, standardized and role-based access to all applications and information can contribute to lowering existing barriers to the utilization of SAP systems – thereby maximizing existing IT investment. Two versions of SAP NWBC are available to meet the requirements of all SAP system users: occasional users can access the SAP environment using browser-based NWBC for HTML, a Microsoft .NET based desktop application is implemented for power users.

SAP NetWeaver Business Client – advantages:

  • Central access point for all SAP applications
  • Standardized user interface
  • Intuitive operation
  • Role-specific access to systems
  • Transaction and analysis environment
  • Browser and desktop version available
  • Option for integration of non-SAP applications
  • Lowering the barriers for system utilization
  • Increase of user acceptance
  • Optimal use of IT investment

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