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SYCOR AMERICAS, founded in 2000, is a full-service IT solution provider. With offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Toronto, Canada, we deliver our services all across North America. Our portfolio covers the entire information and communication technologies spectrum and can also accomodate projects on a global scale.

Our expertise stems from the knowledge and experience we have gained from projects in 80 countries and with systems of up to 5,000 users. We provide sustained service along our customers' entire value chains, ensuring full horizontal and vertical IT coverage. As your full-range partner, we are there for you around the clock, 365 days a year if needed. Our solutions are always tailored to our customers' needs, reliable and quality-assured.

We are the right partner for your IT project. We give IT a face!

Sycor Americas

Sycor Americas

We are a full range information & communication technology provider, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. more

The Sycor Group

The Sycor Group is an international full-service IT provider. Learn more about our parent company and the Sycor Group here. more
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Helge Roth


Helge Roth

President and CEO

Phone +1 412 788 9494

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