- 5/26/17

Sycor.Rental for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Available on Microsoft AppSource - Innovative Business Application Technology for Rental Companies

Sycor.Rental enables rental companies to control their business with one solution and to effectively provide employees access to processes, data, and business insights. The cloud capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 enable rental companies to globally network their locations and allow them grow at their pace.

Sycor Rental - Azure Marketplace

Sycor.Rental, a full-fledged industry solution for the rental, trade, service and maintenance of mobile goods is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Microsoft AppSource. The solution is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD), which signifies that it has met Microsoft Corp.’s highest standard for partner-developed software. “With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations as its base, Sycor.Rental is a scalable, flexible cloud solution with role-specific mobile access to processes, data, and business insights,” says Lars Podszuweit, Head of Product Management at Sycor Group.

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Sycor.Rental for Microsoft Dynamics 365 available on Microsoft AppSource

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