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Dynamics AX BI / Dynamics AX Business Intelligence
Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics service that helps you collect, structure and evaluate all decision-relevant data for your company and supports the clear visualization of results. With Microsoft Power BI, you combine information from Excel sheets and local data sources, such as your ERP system, Hadoop datasets and streaming data, with the data stored in the cloud. Within seconds, you can begin analyzing and identifying trends and gain access to dashboards with your company's most important business data in real time.

With Power BI you can structure, analyze and visualize your data according to your preferences using drag & drop. Preparing reports is facilitated by the intuitive user interface and numerous modern data visualizations. You can keep your data current with Power BI gateways, which enables the fast and secure transfer of data between the Power BI service and local data sources.

Microsoft Power BI – your benefits include:

  • Collecting, structuring and evaluating decision-relevant company data along with clear visualization
  • Integration of information from Excel sheets, local data sources – such as the ERP system, Hadoop datasets and streaming data – with the data stored in the cloud
  • Self-Service BI without IT department support
  • Time savings thanks to drag & drop, intuitive user interface and modern data visualizations
  • Sharing the results and interactive reports with colleagues
  • Mobile access to the analyses

Sycor – Services for Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI):

  • Consulting for and implementation of a data warehouse for multidimensional Business Intelligence reports
  • Implementation of standard Microsoft Dynamics AX cubes on the basis of such a data warehouse, which integrates external data sources, such as DATEV, SAP and other third-party systems
  • Consulting and implementation services in all areas of data processing: master data management, query performance, data consolidation and data quality
  • Business Intelligence consulting services for all Microsoft BI technologies – from SQL servers and Microsoft SharePoint to Cortana and current Microsoft BI frontends, such as Power BI
  • Strategic consulting for and implementation of Microsoft Self-Service BI solutions
  • Consulting and planning for BI-as-a-Service models using on-premise data sources or data stored in the cloud
  • Consulting and planning for BI mobility solutions in our capacity as a Cloud Solution Provider
  • Consulting for and implementation of Power BI gateways
  • Delivery of pay-as-you-use models

For questions, further information, or to discuss your company's needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to advise you in detail!


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