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Microsoft Dynamics AX – efficient and highly beneficial

Dynamics AX - ERP-Kernfunktionalitäten
With the combination of comprehensive ERP and predefined industry functionality, Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) is an efficient solution that allows you to achieve sustainable benefits in a very short time. Microsoft Dynamics AX covers both the administrative and the operational requirements of your business processes. Financial management, personnel management, finance and accounting are part of the core functionality offered by the ERP system. The ERP software also provides predefined functions for manufacturing, retail and services as well as industry solutions.

The core functionalities:

Financial Management

Thanks to the financial management functions in Microsoft Dynamics AX, financial indicators become more transparent. Finance and accounting can be made more effective throughout the company – all this with familiar tools and existing abilities. Efficient financial management in Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you build a strong foundation in order to realize the potential of your business with solid and controlled growth.

Personnel Management

With the personnel management functions, you can help realize the potential of your employees and improve employee loyalty. At the same time, you reduce the costs and complexity of managing salaries, social contributions, personnel recruitment and employee benefits to a minimum. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you give your employees the right tools. Personnel management also becomes more productive and you build up the ideal staff for your company.

Project Management

Thanks to a broad selection of tools and technologies, Microsoft project management solutions provide your employees with the right tools to reach their project targets and achieve outstanding results. The project management functions in Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions facilitate improved cost control and help you boost profitability, streamline project management and maximize the productive use of resources.

Supply Chain Management

Dynamics AX offers expandable, familiar software for Supply Chain Management (SCM) that helps eliminate barriers to productivity and efficiency, enabling your company to supply your customers with the right products at the right time. With Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions, you provide your employees with tools for higher individual and team productivity, optimized business processes and more effective cooperation.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers effective business intelligence and reporting solutions that can be used immediately. You gain more detailed insights into key performance factors and are able to precisely determine which customers generate the highest sales, who your most efficient suppliers are, and what problems there may be in your business that require rapid intervention.

Financial Planning and Budgeting

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers applications for financial planning, budgeting and reporting that allow you to measure business results, align your company's performance with your objectives and boost profitability.

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