Fleet Management Software

Sycor.Fleet meets the requirements for modern fleet management software.

Flottenmanagement Software / Fuhrpark Software

Sycor.Fleet: fleet management software to improve efficiency, reduce costs and simultaneously optimize service.

Sycor.Fleet supports you and your employees with practical functions for modern fleet management: role-based and therefore tailored to the tasks of the respective employee. In doing so, it helps you realize the optimization and cost reduction potential in your fleet.

Sycor.Fleet means: Satisfied customers, lower costs and greater economic efficiency for your business!

Supported processes and functions (selection)

  • Management of vehicle data including model classification, technical specifications, insurance information, purchase and leasing data, equipment features, accounting classifications etc.
  • Documentation of cost or sales data in relation to each vehicle (optionally, the driver) and accounting dimensions (e.g., cost center, cost unit, object).
  • Updates to mileage, (actual) hours of operation
  • Reporting (vehicle costs, mileage)
  • Vehicle history (mechanical dossier) with historical costs, repairs, damage events, etc. (generation of PDFs)

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Flottenmanagement Software / Fuhrpark Software

the Microsoft Dynamics AX Industry Solution

Full fleet control: Sycor.Fleet meets all requirements for modern, practical fleet management software

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