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Service and project-oriented organizations have to perform a difficult balancing act today: they need to increase sales while meeting increasing customer expectations regarding responsiveness and transparency in addition to producing the next generation of experts and retaining their loyalty to the company. Beyond these objectives, service providers must not lose sight of their quality of service and margins.

This is why successful companies increasingly count on an integrated approach to surmount key business challenges, combining the following aspects:

Customer relationships

Development and management of profitable business relationships

  • Effective marketing and acquisition models
  • Continuous optimization of services and cross-selling opportunities
  • Supporting customers in neighboring and foreign markets
  • Negotiating cost-effective service level agreements

Global resources

Procurement and proper deployment of personnel, knowledge and financial resources

  • Hiring the right employees, performance management
  • Integration of employees from other language and cultural groups
  • Proper assignment of intellectual capital and suitable resources

Service quality

Innovations and dynamic employees, processes and networks

  • Deploying the right employees with the right technical skills at the right time – anywhere in the world
  • Hybrid service teams
  • Support for remote servicing
  • Project controlling and transparency

Financial results

Transparent processes for useful information and better results

  • Real-time transparency in service and billing processes
  • Situational awareness in regards to opportunities and risks
  • Compliance with a variety of changing rules and regulations

Sycor.ProfessionalServices – the solution for service companies

We pursue this integrated approach with Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics® AX – the fully integrated ERP industry solution – and our expert teams, helping service providers and service companies optimize their business processes.

Among other things, our customers benefit from:

  • Comprehensive transparency in financial, resource and project management
  • Better budget and cost control as well as shorter billing intervals
  • Optimum positioning and capacity utilization for their teams
  • Closer cooperation and communication between customers, partners and employees in an international environment

We are the right contact for you in the following fields:

  • Installation
  • Project service provider
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Mobile goods rental
  • Logistics service provider

We offer a full range of services – consulting, development, training and multilingual support –  for Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta). We also offer a complete range of services covering all aspects of technology operations.


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