Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retailers

Sycor.Retail – the professional, integrated solution for multi-channel management, store management, merchandising and ERP.

Dynamics AX ERP Software Retail  / Einzelhandel

Sycor.Retail is the fully integrated ERP industry solution for retailers, discounters, service and logistics. Our package combines the advantages and standard software features of Microsoft Dynamics AX with our comprehensive industry solution. With Sycor.Retail, you can design multi-channel processes, plan cross-channel activities and harmonize them with business management processes. Your advantage: dynamic, economical business processes that can be adapted quickly.

Reduce complexity and improve the operating efficiency of your entire retail organization with one central solution.

Sycor.Retail converges key processes from the point of sale (POS) to the head office – with standardized enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial management functions that benefit all parts of the retail organization significantly.

Sycor.Retail helps your company optimize all processes along the entire value chain. With our industry solution, you have access to all information about current business operations, are able to identify altered structures in a timely manner and can implement new business requirements purposefully and with flexibility. Thanks to integrated social media and mobile commerce support, you can offer your product range tailored to certain end devices or social networks, creating new opportunities for customer interaction. With useful add-ons such as parcel service integration, address verification and credit agency inquiries along with Amazon and eBay integration, you get all the functionality a modern retailer needs.

Your advantages:

  • Integrated cash system
  • Flexible and consistent mapping of retail process chains
  • Reduction of inventory levels
  • Support for decision-making and lowering costs
  • Stronger position in negotiations with suppliers
  • Improved customer relationships

We offer a full range of services – consulting, development, training and multilingual support –  for Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta). We also offer a complete range of services covering all aspects of technology operations.

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