Microsoft Dynamics AX for Renting Mobile Goods

Sycor.Rental maps the entire rental process chain – as a powerful ERP system and perfect industry solution.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Rental / Vermietung

Full mapping of individual and bulk rentals – along with all other business processes

Sycor.Rental is a fully integrated global ERP industry solution for the rental, service and maintenance of mobile goods on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Sycor.Rental is used by satisfied customers in more than 50 countries around the world for individual and bulk rentals. Our customers include nationally and internationally positioned midsize rental firms and global players. They can rely on unique multi-site, multi-currency and multi-language capabilities.

With Sycor.Rental, you not only gain control over the core rental process but over all business processes: Sycor.Rental is a practical industry solution and, with the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX, a full-fledged and fully integrated ERP system. With full performance in all modules, it is destined for international deployment.

All processes in one system

Sycor.Rental maps the entire rental process chain: from CRM and quotations to scheduling, returns and the workshop, all the way to lease management. We also offer convincing functions for transportation planning and execution as well as the extensive financial management of Microsoft Dynamics AX – fully integrated with the modules of this industry solution. The key for you: with Sycor.Rental, you have full control of your business at all times. For greater cost effectiveness and success. Our solution provides you with all tools for the best possible, flexible response to customer requests.

Optimized functions for specialized rental firms

With experience from numerous projects around the globe, we have integrated optimized functions for specialized rental firms in Sycor.Rental. After all, not all rental firms are the same – the day-to-day requirements vary.

Sycor.Fleet and Sycor.Dealermanagement

Optimum fleet management: Do you want to optimize the deployment, maintenance and utilization of your fleet? With Sycor.Fleet, we are providing you with modern fleet management software to help you reach your goals.

You are not only renting but also trading in new and used machines, devices and equipment? Sycor.Dealermanagement has the required, powerful purchasing and sales functions for dealers (including multi-brand dealers) along with convincing service functions for improved customer satisfaction.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Vermietungindustrie / Rental

Sycor.Rental - Core rental process

With Sycor.Rental, you have reliable control over all individual and bulk rental processes. This includes scheduling, transportation, equipment and accessories, service and more.

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Special functions for specialized rental firms

Our solution supports specialized rental firms (individual and bulk rentals) with customized functions and processes for your business. Find out more here.

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15 reasons for Sycor.Rental

Convincing rental functions, full-fledged ERP solution, global deployability and references: many reasons speak in favor of implementing Sycor.Rental. We have compiled a few of them

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Comprehensive functions - Modules for all processes

Sycor.Rental features comprehensive, powerful functions for all business processes – and precisely the information, processes and results that each user needs to do their job.

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