Competent, Comprehensive Consulting
for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Our comprehensive consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics AX


We support you with comprehensive and competent consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics AX, effectively helping you reach your goal.

In doing so, we have access to a wealth of experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX installations for between 20 and 1100 simultaneous users accumulated through national and international projects. With management consulting including strategic, process and organizational consulting as well as comprehensive IT strategy consulting building on that, we secure your IT investments over the long term.

Comprehensive consulting services from AX experts

Our experienced consultants show you how your company can benefit from the fully integrated, efficient Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise software with its comprehensive ERP functionality. We work with you to ensure that you benefit from full integration, multicurrency and multi-language support along with numerous functions for typical business processes. Naturally we also offer detailed consulting services for add-ons developed by us on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. Our consultants work with you to get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics AX system, establishing transparency across the entire company and providing you with a substantiated information base for business decisions. We also support you with technology consulting for Microsoft Dynamics AX and the entire package including hardware, operating systems, databases and additional applications such as MS terminal services.
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