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We offer the further development of Microsoft Dynamics AX for you

Entwicklung / Development
The IT landscape in a company is subject to constant change. Companies grow locally, nationally or internationally, internal processes change, and new challenges in the market must be overcome.

With our expertise accumulated in numerous national and international Microsoft Dynamics AX projects, we look after all your development needs – from minor adaptations to custom development. Our ISO-certified development services range from problem analysis and consulting to design and programming of software solutions.

With the Sycor.AX SolutionManager developed by us, which has a freely configurable IT management workflow at its core, we consistently ensure a precision landing. The Sycor.AX SolutionManager supports the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX system, its operation and the continuous, systematic further development of the solution. This solution supports complete documentation of change requests through specific workflows and encompasses the setup of a comprehensive help desk system. The Sycor.AX SolutionManager establishes transparency from the requirements definition to source code documentation and ensures budget and cost control through task-specific time recording. This ensures we always stay within the agreed framework with our development services as well.

More about the Sycor.AX SolutionManager and the add-ons we have developed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.
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