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Comprehensive operating services for Microsoft Dynamics AX

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With the Sycor Group, we offer a complete range of services covering all aspects of Microsoft Dynamics AX operation.

We have years of experience implementing international projects (and systems with between 20 and 1100 concurrent users) and can develop tailored solutions with quality-assured service packages that meet your exact needs. We are DIN EN ISO 9001 certified and provide ITIL-compliant services. As part of our package of project services, we develop concepts for server and storage sizing as well as system configuration and operation, including backup and recovery for MS SQL database servers (with optional shadow database), AOS servers, Terminal Server and any other Microsoft servers required (such as Sharepoint or Exchange). We also supply the necessary hardware and install your entire solution, including the hardware, operating system, databases, applications and backup options.

Like all our services, our operating services are always tailored to your needs. We help you select the services you really need. We operate your systems either at your or our location in one data center or two mirrored centers (we can also provide a disaster recovery data center). You have the option of standard support hours or 7 x 24-hour support year-round for the normal or high availability of your systems. Our collaboration with you is based on binding service level agreements that cover availability as well as response and processing times. Most importantly, we operate your entire package, including hardware, operating systems, databases, Microsoft Dynamics AX applications and additional applications such as MS terminal services.

We offer a central support hotline for your basic applications and technologies, and respond to your questions during day-to-day operations. We also monitor and manage your systems—quality assured. In addition to performance monitoring, our services include importing patches, hot fixes and service packs, identifying, isolating and resolving errors, providing backup and recovery, installing software release upgrades and ensuring user management.

Project services:

  • Concept design, including sizing of the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment
  • Hardware delivery
  • Solution installation

Operating services:

  • Operation in our data centers or remotely in your data centers with up to 24/7 support
  • Two data centers (plus disaster recovery data center)
  • Operation of hardware, operating system, databases, applications (Dynamics AX and MS terminal services)
  • Comprehensive support, including system monitoring and management
  • Central support hotline for basic applications and technologies

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