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We use our experience and our project management methods to make your Microsoft Dynamics AX project a success.

Regardless of how extensive your implementation, migration, or development plans are. We fill key positions with our experienced project managers who have been deployed successfully for our national and international customers. In addition to the know-how of our employees and the best practices from our projects, we also count on our certified, proven project management process model, on the

Microsoft Dynamics® Sure Step method and last but not least on the Sycor.AX SolutionManager we developed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is a scalable and reproducible procedural method which can be used for the implementation, updating or optimization of Microsoft Dynamics AX. It is based on consistent, structured methods resulting from best practices from Microsoft Dynamics projects around the world. The Sure Step project management principles build on a widely recognized study by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is used by all project participants: our project managers and our consultants and developers can access it just as well as the customer's team. Sure Step is supplemented by our own certified project management model.

With the methods we use, with the Sycor.AX SolutionManager and with the experience of our project managers, developers and consultants, we always have control of the specified time and budget framework and reliably attain the established goals.

In addition, our broad range of services including technology operating services make us your ideal partner for every project.
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