Rollout Support
for International Microsoft Dynamics AX Projects

With us, you perform successful Microsoft Dynamics AX rollouts – worldwide


Our experts have accumulated rollout experience in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Over the past few years, the Sycor Group has developed into a specialist for Microsoft Dynamics AX rollouts in the course of numerous international projects, which were realized independently or in cooperation with other Microsoft partners. As one of the largest full-range IT service providers in Germany and with locations and the group's own resources in North America and Asia, we provide services around the world. This allows us to keep regional distinctions – culture, language and law – in mind at all times.

We have implemented projects for SMEs and corporate groups, and developed a wealth of process and solution know-how with Microsoft Dynamics AX installations for between 20 and more than 1000 simultaneous users. With the Microsoft Dynamics AX expertise of our consultants and developers as well as international consulting skills, we ensure that goals are reached in rollout projects: in addition to the know-how of our employees and our best practices, we also count on our certified, proven project management process model and the Microsoft Dynamics® Sure Step method. We provide our Microsoft Dynamics AX rollout services around the world, always with quality assurance and tailored to individual customer requirements.

We support the rollout projects of our customers or other Microsoft partners

  • Comprehensive support from the analysis phase and process planning to template development and implementation to documentation
  • For specific phases of a rollout as required
  • With entire teams of specialists or individual, experienced workers in case of personnel shortages (staffing for rollout projects)
  • With project or sub-project management
  • In SMEs or large corporate groups – with a national and international presence
  • In all planned or in select countries

We reliably meet goals through:

  • Our locations and own resources in Germany, North America and Asia
  • Experience with rollouts in more than 50 countries
  • Process and solution know-how with Microsoft Dynamics AX installations with between 20 and more than 1000 users
  • International consulting expertise for Microsoft Dynamics AX rollouts
  • Our certified project management process model, which has been proven many times in practice
  • The Microsoft Dynamics® Sure Step method
  • Our certified and experienced project managers, consultants and developers
  • Our own high quality standards

Frank Jakobi

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