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We get your employees in shape for Microsoft Dynamics AX!

With individually tailored training programs, we ensure that your employees make the best use of the features of Microsoft Dynamics AX for your company. Whether at our location or on your premises, our Microsoft Dynamics AX consultants pass on their knowledge to you – practical knowledge for practical applications.

For us, successful training for our customers' employees is part of every successful project. We enable you to work efficiently and intelligently as soon as the solution goes live.

  • We familiarize your users and key users with the user interface and navigation elements of Microsoft Dynamics AX, which features controls and menu items that are very similar to those of Microsoft Outlook.
  • We show you how the tools of the solution can be grouped into precisely coordinated sets for performing any task in the company.
  • We also demonstrate how any user can modify the user interface of Microsoft Dynamics AX to suit his or her individual preferences and needs.
  • We introduce users and key users to the basic functions of Microsoft Dynamics AX, including standard functions as well as the functions or enhancements we have tailored especially for you.

After the solution goes live, we provide our customers with multilingual, quality-assured support.

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