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A comprehensive product range, a high volume of vouchers and compliance with delivery terms and legal regulations: those are the everyday challenges faced by mail order pharmacies. They are compounded by rising competitive pressure and higher quality and service requirements of customers. 

With Sycor.APO, the fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics AX solution for mail order pharmacies, Sycor Enterprise Solutions ensures process improvement and increased productivity.

Among other things, Sycor.APO takes into account the inventory management processes tailored to mail order pharmacies – including the integration of conveying technology and automated invoice printing. Next to a variety of functions, Sycor.APO also features numerous interfaces to third-party providers such as online shop solutions and credit card companies. Individual company functions can be easily added as well. In addition to the standard range of functions, industry-specific processes are preconfigured based on our experience.

This includes among other things:

  • Full data transparency and order processing logs
  • Fully integrated ABDA data
  • Prescription management
  • Pharmaceutical order processing and online shop integration with integrated master data management

is an outstanding solution for central departments such as accounting, purchasing and inventory management. The solution is linked directly to the online shop so that customer orders are readily imported and reviewed. Supplier orders are triggered automatically in case of insufficient inventory levels.

Sycor.APO – developed by industry experts

The Sycor.APO solution was developed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX in cooperation with the company mycare OHG Wittenberg. mycare remains a technical partner of Sycor Enterprise Solutions and supports us with the further development of our solution. Thanks to intensive cooperation, we offer convincing and in-depth industry and technology know-how. 

We never stand still. Our solution is always being updated and adapted to new market and legal requirements.

Would you like to find out more about our Sycor.APO industry solution? Our experts are happy to provide you with detailed information. Just contact us.

Overview of Sycor.APO functions:

  • Pharmaceutical order processing including multi-stage order verification
  • Optimized customer management for mail order companies with pharmaceutical data (illness, allergies, medications)
  • Sub-client option for customer grouping and distribution channels for article grouping in order to link various sales channels and/or online shops
  • Fully integrated ABDA data
  • Article exchange based on integrated contract data
  • Prescription management (incoming scan – review – printing – settlement)
  • Electronic orders with wholesalers and manufacturers, incl. Dafue Server link
  • Automatic proposed orders with optimization based on existing sales
  • Collective invoice review module for wholesale invoices

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