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From the job and career expo at Göttingen University to trainee at Sycor: Daniele Del Vecchio launched his career in the IT sector with the Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultant trainee program.

"I studied industrial engineering in Italy and Spain before coming to Germany. In the beginning, it was naturally very important for me to learn the language, so I stTraineeporträt-Daniele-Del-Vecchioudied German for about a year. I first had the opportunity to learn more about Sycor and the trainee program at the job fair in Göttingen. After the discussion at the job fair, I knew I had to apply to Sycor. And it worked out. I have been here since August 2015 – first as a trainee and now as a Junior Consultant for Microsoft Dynamics AX.  Working as a consultant is never boring. There are always new projects and fresh challenges, and I am constantly learning new things. You also meet new people all the time, which is fun and constantly interesting. Joining Sycor was made very easy for me. I met lots of nice, friendly coworkers, who really helped me a lot in the first few weeks and months. You can clearly see that the company really looks after its employees. This includes flexible working hours to enable a good balance between work and leisure time, and the exchange of information, for instance at the Open Bar. At this event, employees learn first hand what the current company figures are, for instance, or what new projects are underway, and they also get information from the employee organization."
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