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Career changer becomes Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant: while working as a production adjuster, Siegfried Achatz specialized in the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX. The perfect basis for the Sycor trainee program.

Traineeporträt-Siegfried-Achatz "My career background is not exactly typical for the IT sector. After I finished school, I first did vocational training in a trade (design engineering). I moved to Munich four years later and was initially employed as a contract worker in a variety of activities related to my trade. A while later, I worked as a production adjuster for my last employer, where I soon got the chance to prove myself as deputy team leader. Two years later, our old ERP system was replaced by Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. I had more and more to do with the system from then on, and was eventually nominated as its key user for our production. My work with the system eventually lead me to specialize in ERP solutions in general, and consulting in particular. The Sycor trainee program to become a Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant was the perfect fit. I am very happy that I chose Sycor as my employer. The company offers me security and good prospects. You also feel like it invests a lot in its employees, especially trainees and junior staff. I also like the cooperative atmosphere, the positive mood and that there is always someone ready to listen when I need help with something. I especially appreciate the diversity of my tasks and the flexibility I have in carrying them out. It never gets boring. I am constantly presented with new tasks and challenges. This variety helps me realize my potential."  
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