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An acquaintance told Waldemar Kunizyn about the Sycor trainee program for SAP development. He seized the opportunity to gain a foothold in the SAP environment.

Waldemar Kunizyn_neu_klein "I completed my training as an IT specialist for app development in January 2014, and subsequently worked in the same company as a developer for two more years. Then an acquaintance suggested I should apply for the trainee program at Sycor. I have now been at Sycor since December 2015 and am very pleased with my decision. I got off to a really great start. The people are very friendly and I found the integration easy. After a crash course in SAP and the ABAP programming language, I was quickly able to take on smaller programming tasks on customer projects. Doing real work in practice is the best way to learn. I've even had the chance to program a small Fiori app that handles part of a process already. Later, the entire process was presented at our exhibition stand at CeBIT. I was very happy about that of course. I especially like how helpful my colleagues are, and their team spirit. They are happy to answer any question I have and share their in-depth knowledge, tips and tricks. As a developer, I have the opportunity to simplify things and solve problems, and I really enjoy that. I am always growing and learning new things. Working on web applications is one of my favorite tasks because I can get creative. The things I value most about Sycor include the relaxed atmosphere, and the friendly and cooperative interaction. You quickly feel like a Sycorian." 
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