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After studying business administration and gaining professional experience as a Controller, Rajeev Ambalavanar knew that he had to move to the IT sector. He chose Sycor, where he completed the SAP trainee program from April to September of 2014.

Rajeev Aambalavanar"I studied business administration in Göttingen with a major in controlling and finance, and then held the position of Controller in the healthcare sector for almost 3 1/2 years. During this time, my high affinity for IT made it clear to me that I had to move into the corresponding sector. I then pursued continuing education as a SAP user. In the process, I decided that I wanted to work in the SAP environment going forward. After some brief research I chose Sycor, since the ratings were mostly positive on corresponding portals such as "Kununu" and the feedback in my private environment was very good as well. I signed my employment contract less than 2 months after I applied and started my trainee program in April of 2014. Even as a trainee, I was involved in projects right from the beginning (pre-sales and servicing) and gained extensive insights into the everyday work of a SAP consultant. I enjoy project work in the team, as well as tasks that require me to think outside the proverbial box in order to find a solution. I am always facing new challenges, ranging from a customer's requirements for SAP solutions to a different corporate culture, which is encountered during the project phase. “We give IT a face.” Those are not just empty words! At Sycor they are filled with life along with our values and guidelines. People come first with us. I realized from the outset that I can count on the support of experienced colleagues, laying the foundation for my rapid integration."

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