Göttingen - 1/22/16

SchulBetrieb initiative: SYCOR GmbH and Hainberg Secondary School consolidate partnership on a new basis

As part of a ratification celebration in the assembly hall at Hainberg Secondary School (Hainberg Gymnasium, HG), Martin Renker (member of the Sycor management team), together with Göttingen Mayor Rolf-Georg Köhler and Principal Georg Bartelt, signed a cooperation agreement naming Sycor and HG as “SchulBetriebe”, or “school companies”.

SchulBetrieb - Bildungsregion Südniedersachsen

This concept has been developed into a successful model over the past six years by the Göttingen Regional Education Project, which is part of the South Lower Saxony Regional Association. More than 40 schools and 60 companies in the three administrative districts of South Lower Saxony and the city of Göttingen are participating in the partnership.

“We are only one part of society – that’s why we don't want to have any influence on curriculum. Rather, it is our job to communicate experiences and insights to the students which may be useful to their personal development,” says Renker, summing up the partnership’s objective.


Schulbetrieb Ratifzierung
(Photo: School principal Georg Bartelt and Martin Renker, Vice President of SYCOR GmbH)

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