Göttingen - 11/8/17

Sycor employee Fabian Lehmann is a Developer Hero

The SAP Community awards the Developer Hero status once a year to just 20 people who have made special contributions to improving and enhancing the understanding of SAP solutions and technologies. Sycor's SAP Leonardo expert Fabian Lehmann is among them. He has been recognized for his special service to the SAP Community in the field of "Evangelizing SAP Cloud Platform".

Developer Hero Fabian Lehmann

The SAP Community chose Lehmann as a Developer Hero 2017 in a democratic process. It recognizes Lehmann's numerous activities for the Community in doing so. Among other things, he regularly writes blog posts about the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP's agile platform-as-a-service (PaaS). He presents tips, tricks and innovations related to the topic in his blog. Lehmann has published 21 articles on the SAP blog over the last two years.

Lehmann also promotes SAP innovations at events. In January he took part in an IoT course for children at SAP headquarters in Walldorf. He also gave presentations for adults at the SAP Inside Track in Hanover and Frankfurt about the SAP Cloud-based IoT platform. "In effect Developer Hero recognizes people who share their knowledge for the advancement of SAP. That is something I really enjoy doing. It is the only way to get ahead personally, and brings you into contact with interesting people. To a large extent it is also about networking between SAP, partners, and customers," Lehmann explains.

Sycor has been involved with SAP Leonardo and digitalization in general for quite some time. By continuously developing its competencies in the fields of Industry 4.0 and SAP Cloud Platform, the company helps its domestic and international customers access new markets and ensure they are fit for the future.

Watch Fabian Lehmann’s live interview at TechEd Barcelona on Wednesday, November 15, 1 p.m at http://events.sap.com/teched/en/live .


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