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Our social media room serves first and foremost as the point of entry to all our activities on the social web. From here you can reach our Blue Smile corporate blog, our Facebook page and company profiles on other social networks as well as our subject-specific Twitter channels.

Our social media activities keep you up to date on the Sycor Group. You'll find out about current and past events, have the chance to take a look behind the scenes – and get to know us better.



Follow Sycor on Instagram


Sycor on facebook

Find out more about us on our Facebook page via current updates, lots of employee event photos as well as links to specialist articles. Available in German only.

Sycor Blue Smile

Our Blog – Blue Smile

On our Blue Smile corporate blog, employees offer a glimpse into their working days, share stories about out-of-the-ordinary events as well as career topics. Available in German only.


Sycor group of companies

Our English-language Twitter channel featuring updates on the group's development and completed projects


Sycor careers

Here you'll find information about career-related topics and job vacancies as well as current photos from the "Logo on tour" series and from events. Available in German only.


Sycor Microsoft

This channel provides all the latest news about our portfolio of Microsoft-related services, references and events.


Sycor SAP

The Sycor SAP channel gives you all the latest news about our portfolio of SAP-related services, references and events.


SAP Web Channel

National and international customers, services, solutions and SAP E-commerce events: we provide you with all the details here.


Sycor on Google+

News, job vacancies, specialist articles – get information and connect with us on Google+. Available in German only.


Our Youtube channel

On our Youtube channel you can catch us, our products and our solutions in action – and we recommend videos you won't want to miss.



Connect with us or our employees and keep up-to-date on our products.


Xing network

Keep informed about current job vacancies, upcoming webinars and trade fairs – on the site devoted to professional networking. Available in German only.


Presentations all about Sycor

We've provided numerous presentations focusing on our group of companies on SlideShare. Take a look through them to find out more.

Sven Frenzel

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Sven Frenzel

Chief Marketing Officer

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