Frank Riechel

Frank Riechel


Vice President



Personal details

Following his education as an industrial manager, Frank Riechel completed a one-year continuing education course as an IT organizer/developer. He then completed a course in business administration at Göttingen Economic Academy. Following his studies, he worked in the internal IT department of DETA Akkumulatorenwerk in Bad Lauterberg for nine years. Frank Riechel then held the position of Deputy Head of Financial Accounting and Head of Controlling at Clausthal Technical University. He has been with SYCOR GmbH as SAP Consultant, Project Manager, Department and Division Manager since 1998. Today, Frank Riechel, as a member of the Executive Board is head of the strategic business segment "Industrial Manufacturing/SAP".

Personal quote

"Sycor has been providing me with varied, highly interesting tasks since day one in an innovative work environment, giving me new motivation for my job every day."


Heinrich-v.-Stephan-Str. 1-5

37073 Göttingen

Phone +49 551 490 0


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