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Condecta AG controls the business via Sycor.Rental

The Swiss company Condecta AG has found in Sycor.Rental the appropriate ERP software for supporting planning and business processes for the complex rental business.

Referenz Condecta„We have evaluated a total of 12 ERP systems with rental functions; in the end we opted for Microsoft Dynamics AX and the industrial solution Sycor.Rental. Our key criteria were: reliability, flexibility, user-friendliness and multi-language capability,“ says Markus Kalberer, CEO of Condecta AG, of the company‘s systematic software-selection process.

This move toward a new ERP solution at Condecta, the leading provider of self-erecting cranes, modular space systems and event services in Switzerland, had become necessary because the old system was no longer able to manage the rising demands. The existing evaluation options were not satisfactory, the planned integration of mobile terminals could not be realized, and the branch offices in the Frenchspeaking region of Switzerland and in Italy also added to the need for a multi-language solution.

„For us, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sycor. Rental represent an optimal combination and a strong solution for the complex rental business that we have deployed for 35 users,“ points out Markus Kalberer. Sycor.Rental, as implemented at Condecta, combines today all relevant business processes regarding the individual and volume rentals of construction cranes, construction machinery, space systems and mobile sanitary facilities. The system maps the entire process chain, from transparent resource management using the convenient DispoControl planning tool, transport management and vehicle navigation to service and maintenance processes. In addition, Condecta can also run its trading activities via the solution. „Our implementation partner was the Swiss company Boss Info AG, which introduced Microsoft Dynamics AX, while we provided the solution Sycor.Rental and know-how for the rental business that was integrated with the project,“ explains Frank Jakobi on behalf of Sycor‘s management.

Integration of mobile devices with GPS data transmission

„To optimize the service processes, we integrated mobile end devices for all customerservice installers and Mobi-Toil service drivers with the ERP system,“ says Sycor project manager Jürgen Theisen. Together with Syfex, a special provider of mobile software solutions, Condecta had previously developed the solution, internally called KD-Mobile, and introduced it in stages. Smooth connection and communications with the ERP system were ensured by the consultants of Sycor in Göttingen.

Via KD-Mobile, installers and service drivers receive the workshop and service orders, previously set up by the service center in the ERP system, directly on their mobile handheld devices. And all that without any loss of time right on the construction site or an event location. Once the order is completed, the Condecta installers record their working hours on site, as well as any input of materials and parts. Coupled with scanned barcodes and georeferenced information, these data are reported back to the service center and ERP system via the GPRS network and then further processed there. Condecta profits from the reliable, real-time data transmission in multiple ways: thanks to KD-Mobile and its connection to Sycor.Rental, the average processing time of service and maintenance orders has decreased, and the invoicing of customers is closer to real-time. By reporting back the input of materials and parts on site directly upon completion of the work, it is possible to organize the purchase of materials and the subsequent restocking of the vehicles more efficiently. The mobile availability of new orders has optimized the travel of installers. „The reduction in the number of interfaces throughout the entire process has improved the data quality in the system significantly,“ adds Sycor‘s Jürgen Theisen.

 „We are very satisfied with the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sycor.Rental. All our processes are in a single system and we can run individual evaluations. What is more, with scalability and multi-language capability, the system is very much ready for the future,“ explains Condecta CEO Markus Kalberer.


  • Mapping the entire process chain in a single system
  • Individual evaluation options
  • Optimized service processes by integrating a mobile solution
  • Future-proofing the IT investment

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