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Sycor.Rental maps the entire process chain of rental services in an integrated system for Scafom-rux. The group of companies, with offices and branches around the world, benefits from improved transparency, as well as a reduced error rate - and forges further plans.

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Scafom-rux, one of the world‘s leading developers and providers of scaffolding systems, formwork and supports, has successfully introduced Microsoft Dynamics AX and the industry solution Sycor.Rental for mapping the rental business.

Within just around six months following the kickoff workshops, the subsidiaries in France, Belgium and the Netherlands took the new ERP system live. Stephan Winterhoff, head of the rental Germany business area and international project manager, makes an initial assessment: „Our customers praise our now even more transparent billing system for rental services and, thus, improved traceability. The integrated mapping of the entire rental process chain within a single system means increased traceability for us as well and facilitates our work. In addition, there is a reduced tendency
for errors, because we work without media discontinuity.“

Globally uniform ERP solution instead of a heterogeneous IT environment

The introduction of the new ERP system was triggered by the development of the group of companies: Scafom-rux today is an internationally positioned group with more than 25 consolidated companies. Its growth in years past created a heterogeneous IT environment that no longer provided sufficient and constructive support for day-to-day operations. Through a strategic selection process, an integrated ERP solution was to be found that could be deployed globally to supply units of identical functions with standardized and structured processes. Since the group derives around 50 percent of its business from the rental sector, there was a special focus on the optimal mapping of rental processes. Other objectives included the improvement of the intercompany business, the consolidation and centralization of the group-wide data, as well as the systematization of the reporting and business intelligence functions. In the end, the choice came down in favor of the combination of Microsoft Dynamics AX and the industry solution Sycor.Rental. „Given its scope, Sycor.Rentalis optimal for us. And Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers precisely the internationality we‘ve been looking for. The adaptability and scalability of both solutions provide us with the perspective needed for future customizations. We are well placed for the long term,“ asserts Stephan Winterhoff.

Utilizing the full potential

With the positive experience from the system‘s introduction in the first three countries behind it, Scafom-rux has already forged specific plans: in the near future, rollouts are planned for Canada, Spain and Chile. First, the special country-specific requirements will be collected, consolidated and implemented in an extended concept. The intensive involvement with Microsoft Dynamics AX and the internal build-up of know-how related to this have an important side effect, as Stephan Winterhoff sees it: „We have identified the solution‘s full potential for us. Instead of implementing it only for the rental business, we now have initial plans to include the areas of Sales and Production as well. But this is still very much in the future.“

What has become reality, however, is the outsourcing of the ERP system: Sycor runs Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sycor.Rental in its own data center for Scafom-rux. „Outsourcing is an ideal fit for the philosophy of data centralization. We also ensure the high availability of our ERP solution in this way, which is managed reliably by experts. From a cost perspective, too, it was the right step to take,“ emphasizes Stephan Winterhoff.


  • Mapping the entire process chain of rental services in an integrated system
  • consolidation and centralization of the group-wide data
  • reduced tendency for errors
  • improved internal and external traceability

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