Dealer Management Functions

The role-based functions for everyday tasks in Sycor.Dealermanagement are convincing thanks to high efficiency and intuitive usability.

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Improve the performance of your business with efficient processes – and increase customer satisfaction with better service!

provides you and your employees with efficient, modern functions through the seamless, full integration with all our modules. In addition to mapping the trade in multiple brands – new and used vehicles, machines, equipment and accessories – these include multi-site functions for scheduling, maintenance and service as well as equipment and accessory management.  

As a result you speed up your business processes, improve their quality and provide seamless and quite simply better support for your customers from the initial contact to the sale, demand-based and timely service all the way to a possible buy-back.

Sycor.Dealermanagement – supporting processes and functions:

  • Mapping of trade in multiple brands
  • New and used vehicles, machines, equipment and accessories
  • Service history (mechanical dossier) with historical costs, repairs, damage events
  • Professional tools for lifecycle asset management
  • POS integration support
  • Comprehensive functions for maintenance and service planning and execution (planned and unplanned) with personnel scheduling
  • Clear, easy to use and graphical scheduling: display of availabilities for equipment and machines, including planned service intervals and service dates with the assigned employees
  • Real time control of cash flow, open items and liabilities as well as current forecasts
  • Intercompany business
  • All functions available across locations
  • Intuitive, fast and easy to learn
  • Individual configuration of user interfaces
  • Data access in real time, optimizing the ability of your employees to provide information

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