Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for retailers
Individual customer communication and process support for the retail sector


We are familiar with the special challenges faced by retailers

Retailers operate in a highly competitive environment and suffer from a steady decline in customer loyalty. Complete price transparency demands new strategies and differentiation options. Various sales channels have to speak a uniform language to the customer with seamless integration. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (formerly Dynamics CRM), you can manage activities and analyze consumers across channels. You can individualize customers and address them specifically by evaluating and analyzing transactions and available customer data.

CRM expertise for manufacturers of consumer goods and wholesalers

As a CRM specialist for the trade sector, we are familiar with its challenges. CPG manufacturers and wholesalers face a concentrated landscape of retailers and have to review their own cost structures continuously. In particular companies with global key account management also benefit from a comprehensive base of current information about all customer interactions. Microsoft's innovative CRM system offers significant added value for your sales force, thereby ensuring excellent user acceptance from the outset.

The optimum integration of other Microsoft products such as Office, Outlook, SharePoint, or Skype for Business is another crucial advantage.

We support you with these CRM processes:

  • Representing complex customer hierarchies, including the administration of relevant contact persons
  • Support for route planning and visit reports
  • Representation of products and product lines
  • Planning of customer sales and turnover
  • Excellent customer service including knowledge database
  • CRM-based complaint management
  • Integration of Microsoft Office products such as Excel or Outlook
  • Campaign management
  • Mobile and offline-capable device functions

Benefit from the following project-specific extensions:

  • Business intelligence functions with Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft SharePoint integration for effective document management
  • Enterprise resource management (ERP) system integration
  • Advertising media administration and controlling
  • Loyalty programs for long-term customer relationships

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