Dynamics 365 for Marketing

The marketing solution for all cases

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing brings the time-consuming design of marketing campaigns to an end. You and your Marketing employees can among other things set up automated workflows for an exciting customer journey, coordinate campaigns more easily, and segment the pool of customer data more finely and with greater precision.

Say goodbye to the blanket principle! With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing app, mass e-mails with a low response rate are a thing of the past. Marketing and sales information is precisely tailored by target groups. Based on the contact history in CRM, you know exactly what content is best received by which target group.

Full control of your marketing campaigns

The Marketing module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you bundle all customer information, and to conduct and evaluate marketing campaigns efficiently. The success of past marketing activities can be measured, customer preferences assessed, and new campaigns planned and initiated with the help of analysis and reporting functions. Mass data import, the automatic elimination of duplicates, and tracking opt-ins/opt-outs considerably boost the efficiency of your campaigns. This module allows you to systematically measure the success of your marketing activities and minimize your campaign costs.

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing:

  • Design and integration of e-mail marketing, web tracking, nurturing, lead scoring, event management, social postings, landing pages, surveys, subscription center, and forms
  • Event planning and administration (scalable from an open house to customer events lasting several days with planning of speakers, facilities, hotel rooms, capacities, and fees)
  • Secure and legally compliant sending of mass e-mails
  • All marketing activities are stored in CRM and permanently traceable

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is available exclusively in the cloud. Either as a standalone solution or integrated with Dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM). Please contact us. We will show you the potential of this solution and how you can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing in your company.

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