Easy, automated bank statement import and processing


Reduce manual work in financial accounting with Sycor.BankImport – our module for the automated import of bank statements. Automated processing saves time and money since the bulk of the manual processing effort can be reduced to a minimum.

Sycor.BankImport supports the automated assignment of outstanding customer and vendor invoices, and the suggestion of customers and vendors based on the number, bank details, or name. Sycor.BankImport identifies and assigns ledger account postings (for example for combined bank transfers with payment files against transfer accounts, fees, and credit card or PayPal payments). Freely definable sequences and text keys can be used for assignment. Invoice assignment for customers is carried out taking early payment discounts, goodwill amounts, and goodwill days into account. Identified bad debts or overpayments within the defined goodwill amount are posted automatically and offset against the original item.

Sycor.BankImport also supports the processing of customer return debit notes including automatic opening of the already paid items and voucher preparation for the return debit note fees. When a duplicate customer payment is identified, it is posted to the customer account, the bank details are saved, and the payment method is changed so it can be transferred back in a payment run.  

With Sycor.BankImport you can also use the mass payment function for customer invoices, for example to process an advice of settlement. The assignment of vendor invoices is carried out under consideration of early payment discounts within the regular terms and goodwill days. Items such as leasing costs and rents can be automatically posted to different ledger accounts and dimensions with stored account splits. Processed account statement items are flagged regarding search success and can be allocated to different journals according to the search results. Thanks to the cross-client import functionality, Sycor.BankImport allows bank statements to be centrally imported and automatically transferred to the corresponding clients. Perfect support for processing payments that cannot be allocated automatically is provided through direct access to the open items and the quick preparation of open customer and vendor items within the processing journal. Detailed records of the search processes and compact presentations of the imported account statement datasets permit subsequent analysis without a lot of effort. You want to learn more about our Sycor.BankImport solution? Just contact us. 

The efficient functions and processes of Sycor.BankImport include:

  • Multi-client capable processing of bank statement files
  • Automatic creation of a specific journal for each bank included in the bank statement
  • Categorization of the posting processes for the bank statement by customer, vendor, or ledger account based on business transaction codes
  • Search for objects such as invoice, customer, vendor, or ledger account according to freely definable sequences and text keys
  • Division of imported bank statements according to various criteria
  • Generation of open customer and vendor items (e.g. bad debts) in the account statement
  • Direct access to existing open items in the imported bank statements with marking option for automatic settlement on posting
  • Function for storing the bank account information in the sub-ledger account

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