Sycor.Text for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations
The simple solution for additional texts in the system and on documents

Would you like to provide your customers with additional information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations documents such as quotations, order confirmations, and invoices? With Sycor.Text, we deliver a solution that is simple to implement and use. Sycor.Text makes it easy to insert additional texts into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations documents. You establish where the additional texts will appear: In the header or footer of the respective document ‒ or even at the line item level. Optionally, you can use the additional texts on the documents exclusively for internal communication.

WYSIWYG editor for pre-configured modules or manual input

With the WYSIWYG editor for Sycor.Text, you can integrate additional texts and links as well as all common formatting types (bold, font size, font color, paragraphs, etc.) into all documents. Compliance with your corporate design can be assured. Since the editor supports the entry of additional texts in all languages, Sycor.Text can be used internationally.

Sycor.Text lets you link master data to additional texts, create predefined modules, or enable manual input. In the first case, you store the additional information in your master data ‒ for example with customers, articles, locations, or clients. The information is then integrated into the documents when needed.

With predefined modules, you implement provisions at the company level or permit deviations for specific locations. For example, you can use predefined modules to point out general business terms and conditions, but also to inform about company-wide or regional rebate promotions and special offers, and to announce upcoming trade fairs or other events. You want to point out the hours of operation or telephone numbers for a certain location? Integrating this information into all documents is not a problem with Sycor.Text!

Individual agreements with customers can be documented or customer-specific offers recorded with manual input at predefined points in the layout of your documents. Employees can also use manual input to capture additional information, for example about delivered articles, equipment, or provisions for a specific order. Manually overwriting predefined modules for just one transaction is possible as well.

Sycor.Text Additional Text

A quick overview is provided by icons that indicate whether additional texts were integrated into a document and if text modules were created manually or predefined.

Straightforward setup and use

Sycor.Text makes all of the information from the additional texts in the flow of data available for document printing (data provider classes). The printout is already preconfigured for the standard order confirmation document. For all other documents, the positioning on the document needs to be carried out according to the customer’s wishes during the document design process.

Each Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations system can be individually set up or configured: You are free to define where additional texts are available in the system. Additional texts can be set up at the header and footer level, and above and below the line items. You can use generally applicable and flexible or specific additional texts. Company wide and/or location-specific provisions can be implemented as well.

We deliver Sycor.Text with installation and setup documentation and a user manual ‒ so you can carry out the installation and implementation on your own. The solution can be quickly deployed in your company with little effort.

Sycor.Text – overview of the functions:

  • Straightforward and fast integration of additional texts and links in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations with the option of printing them on documents.
  • WYSIWYG editor for uncomplicated handling and formatting (paragraphs, bold, underlined, font sizes, etc.)
  • Corporate design can be maintained (fonts and colors)
  • Integration of additional texts in the header and footer, and at the line item level, in the system and on documents
  • Predefined text and information modules for repeated use as well as manual input
  • Use of standardized and specific additional texts, for instance company and/or location-specific
  • Icons indicate whether additional texts were integrated and if so, if they are unchanged or have been adapted
  • Can be used internationally

Sycor.Text Document

  Additional header text

Individual Agreement with customer &

 Additional master data information

 Additional footer text

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Try Sycor.Text now: The simple solution for additional text in the system and on documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

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