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When product and service become one – long-term usage models are frequently replacing the one-time sale, creating new sales channels and long-term customer retention.

Whether companies serve end consumers or globally active corporate groups, all industries today are being confronted by the opportunities and challenges of an increasingly digital business world. A consequence of the digital transformation is that the customer is always informed, and that usage behavior has changed tremendously. Today's consumer wants to use instead of own, rent instead of buy. The product alone no longer counts, but the service and sales offering connected with it. In order to meet this trend, traditional companies are attempting to expand and differentiate their product-based business models with web-based services. The one-time transaction is replaced by a lease agreement with regular billing based on time or other quantitative measurements. Customers no longer own products, machines, or systems – they are provided to the customer for use. The customer no longer has to look after anything. Product-as-a-service (PraaS) is the keyword here.

New IT system required

Companies that want to offer a PraaS model have to supplement their business processes – or change them entirely. A strong service orientation and organization are just as important as changes in sales, billing, and bookkeeping. Choosing the right IT system is a prerequisite for the new business model. Existing manufacturer IT systems, especially ERP systems, are not adequately designed for the PraaS business model. You have to learn how to handle flexible billing models that fit the needs of customers. Monitoring is required in order to not only offer customers monthly billing, but billing according to the actual use of the machine or system.

You benefit from:

  • Increasing market share with a PraaS business model
  • Long-term and close customer relationships
  • Ongoing sales instead of one-time proceeds from selling your product
  • Setting yourself apart from the competition

Sycor – your PraaS partner

With the product-as-a-service framework from Sycor, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure, you get a solution that is specialized for recurring sales and service business models. Supplemented by machine learning and intelligent data analysis for preventive maintenance, it is ideal for representing all PraaS processes. We help you convert to PraaS with competent and solution-oriented advice. Just contact us.



You are striving to convert to a PraaS business model? But you are not yet certain whether your IT system can meet the new requirements? Or perhaps you are already a step further ahead and need an implementation partner?

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No matter how far you are on your way into the PraaS world, we have the right answers to your questions.

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