The future is now – artificial intelligence (AI) in practice

We provided information on the topic of artificial intelligence in a workshop for our customers in the mobile goods rental industry. Then we asked the question: "How can the concept of artificial intelligence be put to meaningful use in your industry?" One response was that the automatic indexing of customers in the ERP system would be helpful. This would allow marketing and CRM measures to be optimized. Our customers also wanted an easier way to identify in advance whether and if so which items are not going to be rented in the foreseeable future. Then they could reduce their excess inventories through proactive campaigns. This would make so-called shelf warmers a thing of the past and establish optimum capacity utilization.

Now it was up to us to develop a practical solution based on this idea and the wishes of our customers.

From idea to solution: Sycor.IntelliCamp

After some brainstorming, trial and error, and the development of prototypes, we presented the interim results to our customers and took their feedback into account in subsequent further development. One thing quickly became clear to us in the process: The application scenarios proposed so far were only the beginning. The real potential of the Sycor.IntelliCamp solution increasingly became clear to all participants in the course of development. The more closely we examined the matter and talked to our customers, the more meaningful possible applications we found. We recognized that the solution can be used in the retail sector as well, and that the established customer/article relationships led to added selling potential for sales representatives.

Further development of the solution

The range of uses and applications for Sycor.IntelliCamp kept on developing – both in depth and in breadth. After initially being restricted to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations (Enterprise Edition), it turned out that more open solutions, less dependent on the ERP system for further processing of the results, would be sensible. Integration with other Dynamics apps such as Power BI and Dynamics 365 for Sales was then implemented.

This article shows how the latest technology can produce innovative solutions for practical use through intensive networking between customers and partners. If you want to know more about Sycor.IntelliCamp, you can learn more here.
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